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Dear Participant,
Welcome to the 10th Conference of the European Foundation for Plant Pathology (EFPP) in Wageningen.
The conference, organized by the Royal Netherlands Society for Plant Pathology (KNPV), has been entitled:
“IPM 2.0 – Towards future-proof crop protection in Europe”.
The organizing committee has chosen this theme as European society expects much from crop protection research in the coming years. We, researchers associated with EFPP, have the task to develop new tools to support National Action Plans, which each member state of the EU has to develop and adopt in the framework of the new EU regulation on Integrated Pest Management (IPM). The ultimate aim of the EU-policy is an improved, coherent and broadly embraced IPM (hence “IPM 2.0”) enabling and strengthening a fully sustainable crop protection (future-proof). We have therefore striven for a multidisciplinary conference that evaluates all existing aspects of IPM and incites new required technologies for its successful implementation in a broad variety of agronomic settings.
We hope that the program meets your expectations and that you will enjoy your time in Wageningen.
Piet M. Boonekamp
President of EFPP and KNPV

Piet Boonekamp